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School in white. Ethics and aesthetics in the classroom.

School in white. Ethics and aesthetics in the classroom.

The training is based on the pedagogical approaches of referents such as Loris Malaguzzi, Alfredo Hoyuelos, Viçens Arnaiz, Emmi Pikler, Bernard Aucouturier, and Javier Abad.

Based on experiences carried out and documented in different and diverse educational centers, a pedagogical reflection is developed that allows a practical and contextualized application, materializing in learning, ethical and aesthetic proposals in the classroom.


_ Approach and apply the manifestations of contemporary art to the Nursery School.

_ Reflect on carrying out significant learning experiences through art.

_ Use community art in school contexts as a transmitter of values, culture and affections.

_ Analyze the educational space and configure environments in the school as spaces that generate relationships and learning.

_ Emphasize the importance of creativity, metaphor, symbol, research, etc., as a fundamental way of developing learning during early childhood.

_ Transmit the values ​​of “aesthetic seduction” according to the educational approach of Reggio Emilia schools. Ethics and Aesthetics according to the thought and work of Loris Malaguzzi.

_ Get to know the Taller space and the Tallerista in the Reggio Emilia Schools.

_ Use the Pedagogical Documentation as a tool to make the culture and identity of children visible.


_ Play and bodily involvement as the engine of significant experiences.

_ Contemporary artistic manifestations: art and nature, installation, the transformation of space, games, parties, sensory arts, etc.

_ The Nursery School as a creative and aesthetic celebration space.

_ The experienced concept of time and space in the Infant School.

_ The appropriation of spaces and the transformation of objects.

_ The environment as "Third Master".

_ Adult attitudes (listening, waiting, recognition, gesture...).

_ Pedagogical documentation of children's processes. The educator as a researcher.

_ Aesthetic Education in Infant School: Creation of the Aesthetic and Identity Project of the School.


Limited places.

Addressed to

Teachers, educators, and all those who carry out their professional work within the field of childhood.


Espacio Vivo

Withdrawal Criteria

Refund of 100% of the amount due to justified force majeure (documented and proven).