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Elementary School

In the Primary Education stage, children from 6 to 12 years old live together in small groups in learning spaces: tool workshop, sewing workshop, Atelier, music room, garden, psychomotricity room, kitchen...

These spaces are carefully designed so that the activity of the whole day can be developed in an autonomous, free and spontaneous way and cover the innate need of the child to observe, know, investigate, get to know, relate...

Learning is carried out based on their own interests of the child and always from experience and experimentation.

The child is accompanied by an adult who does not invade or direct, does not anticipate or demand. The task of the accompanying adult is to respect the child as an active subject, with power of decision and criticism, provide emotional and physical security and create the necessary conditions and resources so that the teaching-learning process can take place spontaneously and autonomously.

A low ratio (number of children per adult) and the training of our companions, are the basis on which we base our project to achieve an adjusted accompaniment based on deep knowledge of the maturational process and the principles of Neurodiversity, having as references the works of Loris Malaguzzi, Rebeca Wild, Bernard Aucouturier, Emmi Pikler and Maria Montessori.